Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Okay so this is a give away to motivate all of you who look at this blog but never make any comments (I am guilty of doing this as well), to sign up and FOLLOW ME. That way I will atleast know that you are coming by to take a look.
Isn't this zipper pouch so cute! I LOVED making this, it was so fast and so easy. Here is a good tutorial if you would also like to make one.

Here is how it will work, you have till 9pm on Monday August 24th to start following me ... then I will write (bye hand, because I don't know any other way) the names of all the followers and draw one name out of a hat (or bowl). Yeah I know, that sounds all high tech...I will announce the winner on Tuesday.

*** To start following me look over to the right under the big "Follow Me" sign and click on the little button that says follow.
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Lyssa said...

This turned out so so cute!
And I have been a follower from the beginning ;)
And yes, i got my treadmill that night from the day you came by...does that make sense? I made Joe go and get it. She lived about 1/2 hour away but didn't care because it was only $10.
Anyways, This is so cute! I better get in on the giveaway!

the Eggett's said...

Dang, that is SOOOO cute.

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