Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Messy Flower Hair Clips

I know.... its been a long time, but I am excited about a some fun things that I have been doing and want to share with you. First I want to share with you a quick, easy and completely adorable tutorial. This is one of my FAVORITE clips to make. Here's what you will need.
-Scrap Fabric
-A cup to trace, choose one that is the size you would like your flower to be.
-Fabric cover buttons (buy at walmart or Joanns)
-Barrette or alligator clip
-hot glue gun

Cut 8 circles out using a pattern created using your cup and some paper. Fold the circles in fourths and Staple at the point.

Cut a small circle of felt or fabric and glue the pieces onto it. I glue four on, making sure the tips are a little overlapping, then glue the next four on top of the cracks ( meaning not right on top of another but between two of them)

Cover a button following the directions on the package. Glue the button in the center, use lots of glue. Then glue the clip onto the back. There you go! How easy is that!
Stephanie over at A Daily Scoop is doing an auction to raise money for Emily Jones. To read about her situation click HERE. These two flowers will be up for auction over there sometime this week so head on over there and help raise some money to help Emily out.


The Jones Fam said...

These are so cute Cairen! I'm going to buy all of the stuff, and then I'm going to go to your house after Christmas so you can supervise me making them :)

Fisher Family said...

Darling flower clips!

Bon said...

I am loving your blog and will follow you! Thanks for all the fun bows...I am excited to get makin' some! Feel free to chek our blog out too!

Drab to Fab

c-natalie-l-k said...

Thanks!! That was way easier than what I did! :) I love the idea for the tulle flower. Very cute!

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