Saturday, July 25, 2009

Free Finds

So you know I love garage Selling, but I also love "Dunpster Diving"...I haven't really dove into a dumpster (yet), but on sunday or weds evening when all the neighbors have put out their garbage to be picked up the next day, I LOVE to drive around and see if there is anything that I want...

I found this darling bench in someones trash pile, repainted it and tossed a couple pillows on there and have really love it in my entry way!

This big fun slide our neighbor was getting rid of because they didn't need it anymore....PeRfEcT, because we do! We have put this slide to good use, in our home on those realy hot days, into our little pool...
(When we found this I think I came to this realization about material things. That we Don't need them...I know sounds so simple and pretty elementary, but I think that there is so much self impossed pressure to look a certain way... to have your home decorated a certain way, that sometimes I would forget that these things are all disposable...and that you use them for a period and then throw them away)
Then this awesome swing set I found in the free section on Craigslist...if you haven't ever been on craigslist go check it out!
Do you have any free finds you want to share? Post about it on your blog and then leave me a link to come check it out!

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i said...

oh my....just found your fun blog. i love finding junk then re-purposing it!so fun for you to share it here. i love trash!

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