Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why I Love Garage Sells

How we shopped before we really knew about garage sells:
So about a year and half ago we moved into a bigger place and had an extra bedroom that we thought would be great for Seth to be able to come home and study in... Our only problem was we didn't have a desk. So we knew we wouldn't be able to spend very much money, so we had this great idea... instead of going to RC Willey or some other big furniture store lets go look at cheap ol' Wal-Mart...

So we found this cute black (fake wood) desk there... it was around $200, we really needed a desk and this was the place we thought we would get the best deal....

Then my friend asked me to go garage selling with her and I couldn't believe what I had been missing out on.... some nice stuff that was either nice as is or needed a little TLC. Now I have been able to pretty much fill our home spending very little money....
We will NEVER go back to thinking that our only option is to buy our furniture brand new.

How we shop now:
We bought this patio table with 6 chairs and six cushions for ....drum roll please.....$40.
I got two of these lamps which I absolutley LOVE for $5....for both of them! I think they have a really fun, nautical look to them.
Have you found something really great at a garage sell? If so I would love to see it! If you haven't been garage selling...GO!


Nevada Woolfs said...

Hi Cairen! I love this blog....I'm getting so many cute ideas that I may never get around to!

Noorda Notebook said...

love garage saling...... maybe you should come back from utah so that we can go together again. the boys in my home don't get as into it as i do and every saturday morning i don't go i just die thinking of all the finds i'm missing out on.

cute new blog cairen!

jen said...

This is such a cute new blog! I have had so much fun looking at everything you have done - I want to be you when I grow up. So fun!

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