Thursday, August 6, 2009

A New Love of ....Headbands

I have always thought that headbands on little girls were completely adorable, but I am just barely feeling comfortable with wearing them myself. I was in Utah for a couple weeks and while there my sister-in-law and I made some fun girly headbands...

Thie is really simple braided headband, I took three pieces of fabric and braided them together and attached the ends together with a piece of elastic... so easy and it fits really well. Here is a great tutorial on making the braided headband.

Check out anthropologies headbands, they have some really cute ones!

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Noorda Notebook said...

cute!! i always love checking out anthropolgie for ideas, but could it be any more expensive. good thing we have garage sales!

Fisher Family said...

The headbands are darling! I think they look cute on little girls as well as big girls!

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